Trash of the Count's Family

Overwhelmingly recommended

(310 reviews)
유려한 (Yoo Ryeo Han)
Licensed From:
Chungeoram (청어람) - in negotiations


Editor: Borderline Masochist

Translation Speed: 28 chapters a month

The "official" synopsis only has a single line: "I can't be a trash forever."


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Miraclerifle's synopsis: The MC of this series reminds me of Yoh Asakura from Shaman King, wanting to have a peaceful life but things getting in his way/having to achieve something to get there. This is a literary RPG fantasy where the MC is transported as a minor character in a novel, but ends up getting into situations that lead him to pretty much become the MC. It has a lot of interesting aspects with dragons, beast people, mermaids, superpowers and more! Come check it out if you want to see if the MC ever gets to live the slacker couch potato life that he wishes to have!

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