Chapter 1667: Heaven Palace’s True Appearance

When they entered Heaven Palace, Chu Mu was the one most familiar with the place. 

Wang Jiang was leading the way right now and brought Chu Mu, Hades Fox God, and Yellow Springs Emperor to Wheel Palace. 

Wheel Palace’s guards were more than the other two palaces. They gave people a cold and empty feeling. 

The palace’s surface was as shiny as crystals and it reflected Chu Mu’s figure. Strangely, Chu Mu discovered that the reflection on the floor wasn’t of his normal body, but rather the black and white devil person. 

Chu Mu felt a bit puzzled by this. Why didn’t the shiny floor reflect his normal body? 


Wheel Palace was a layered building. On top of one palace was another. This building style was similar to Wanxiang City’s Wanxiang Altar. 

As they walked up through different palaces, a familiar scene appeared in Chu Mu’s mind. 

Chu Mu remembered Yu Suo walking through here… 

And as expected, when they reached the highest point, Chu Mu’s brows creased together. 

A stone platform was erected at the highest point of Wheel Palace. The altar was full of grains of sand, left exposed to the sunlight, and at its very center was a needle and a wheel. 

The needle was pointing at the sun in the sky. A crimson ray of light ran straight from the sun, through the sky, and connecting to the ground. 

The wheel was filled with engravings that were burning in flames. It was particularly striking.

On top of the wheel’s needle, Chu Mu could vaguely see a thin young woman exposed to the scorching sun. Even in death, her head was looking upwards, staring at the distant stars. 

There was another young woman holding the corpse, dead for some time now, and crying. The cries still echoed in Chu Mu’s ears. 

Chu Mu’s heart was incensed right now. Heaven Palace’s cruelty was infuriating. 

Chu Mu was able to understand Yu Suo’s grievance now. Any person who saw that scene would feel an unforgettable hatred. 

A sandy altar, a wheel’s needle, and the sun hanging in the sky, raining down its scorching radiance. 

Chu Mu was engrossed in the Monument Tear’s memory, and his eyes began to blur over. 

“Your emotions are agitating.” Hades Fox God’s cold voice entered Chu Mu’s mind. 

Chu Mu felt a chilling sensation in his mind and the anger and hatred which had mysteriously come slowly dissipated. 

“I was thinking of a few things in the past,” explained Chu Mu. 

“Concentrate. This place is Heaven Palace. You can’t guarantee that Heaven Palace has no other ulterior motives. They are a group of very selfish people.” said Hades Fox God. 

Chu Mu nodded his head and wiped away the memories that were beginning to disturb his mind. 

This happened when he resigned the soul pact. Yu Suo’s memories, to a certain extent, would mix with Chu Mu’s memories and Yu Suo’s emotions would affect Chu Mu’s emotions.

However, thinking about it, if Yu Suo were standing here herself, she would have instantly crumbled. 

That scene played in her mind practically all day and night. There was never a moment where she forgot it or it faded. 

“Excuse me, could you please wait here a moment? Human Mother, Wheel God, and Divine God will be coming” said Wang Jiang.  

After speaking, Wang Jiang turned and left. 

“Why weren’t the others brought here?” asked Yellow Springs Emperor, confused. 

“Heaven Palace likes to make things unnecessarily complicated,” said Hades Fox God. 

As he spoke, Hades Fox God turned its gaze to Chu Mu who was looking a bit absent-minded. He asked: “What’s the matter with you?”  “I need to leave for a bit,” said Chu Mu. 

Hades Fox God’s silver eyes flashed with a sliver of astuteness as he said: “What did you discover?” 

“I’m not sure either.” 

“They probably won’t let you just walk around…” 


In Guardian Palace, a man tightly wrapped in a windbreaker stood on the domed roof of the large palace. 

His hair was silver white and he had a youthful but also weary face. 

His eyes were also a silver white color and his pupils were not in focus. He was clearly absent-minded. 

If one were to look closely, a layer of faintly discernible devil flames could be seen wrapping his body. These devil flame auras were a silver color and would occasionally show an evil black color. Each time this happened, his pupils would flash with an irrational ruthlessness. 

“You know what ought to do, right?” a voice suddenly echoed in this person’s ear. 

“You gave me a very stubborn body.” said the man. 

“What? You still haven’t completely devoured him?” the voice rang out again. 

“I’m nearly done. But it’s not a problem. Don’t forget what you agreed to!” said the man wrapped in the windbreaker. 

“Don’t worry, she will learn how to undo the Black Soul’s seal soon. Your body will be able to retain its freedom then.” 

“So, do you have the confidence to suppress them? The nine eras of experts?” 

“I’ve already split them apart.” 

“Then which am I dealing with?” asked the man in the windbreaker. 

“Yellow Springs, Hades, and a fellow who’s like you. I believe that his soul will be a delicious meal for you.” 


On the wheel altar, Yellow Springs Emperor, Hades Fox God, and Chu Mu were still waiting. 

Yellow Springs Emperor was feeling impatient and said: “Is Heaven Palace scheming something again?” 

Hades Fox God’s eyes turned sharp as they scoured the surroundings… 

Suddenly, a strange flame appeared on the wheel needle’s crimson flame. Immediately after, a glaring fire ring expanded from the center of the needle. It resembled a chain ring that locked the wheel stone altar inside! 

More and more of these wheel rings appeared. They intersected with each other at different locations and sealed this area of space! 

The wheel rings appeared extremely quickly. Yellow Springs Emperor and Hades Fox God were unable to react in time. By the time they realized that this was a barrier seal, there was no crack left open in the space around the wheel stone altar! 


Yellow Springs Emperor let out an angry roar. Its body instantly expanded as it transformed into a long and enormous dragon unicorn! 

Its savage claws fiercely struck the wheel barrier, causing the crimson wheel barrier to violently tremble. 

But the wheel barrier was abnormally sturdy. Yellow Springs Emperor’s undying rank strength was unable to leave so much as a scratch. 

Yellow Springs Emperor’s attack shook the stone altar, causing Heaven Palace to shake as well. 

“It’s no use. Since they dared to attack us, it means they have enough confidence to trap us.” Hades Fox God was rather calm and he didn’t even feel the need to strike. 

“These crafty bastards!” Yellow Springs Emperor angrily said. 

“Us undying ranks are a threat to Heaven Palace. The emergence of undying ranks are not permitted under their control.” calmly said Hades Fox God.  

Yellow Springs Emperor struck the barrier, unwilling to accept this. He said: “That is what I said. How could none of the undying rank experts not survive the last wheel? From the very start, Heaven Palace used fake information to trick us! What they’re really doing is catching us all in one net!” 

“Yes, in fact, the Heaven Boundary Monuments used the tragedies of past undying ranks to transmit this information to us. Unfortunately, we were too cowardly. We should have been fighting against Heaven Palace from the very start,” said Hades Fox God. 

The Monument Tears recorded only fragments of when the Seven Sins Fox and White Ocean God fought against Heaven Palace. Evidently, Heaven Palace had erased the full scene. Particularly, it had erased the moments of Heaven Palace inviting the undying ranks of the past to Heaven Palace and then attempting to eradicate them all when it came time for the full wheel. 

The White God Emperor and Seven Sins Foxes probably had a strength that surpassed the other undying rank creatures by a lot. Once the other experts were killed, only these two creatures, which could be considered Ten Thousand Year Wheel Creatures, could resist Heaven Palace. Ultimately, one had been killed, and the other’s species had to carry a sin. 

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