Chapter 1666: Limbo, Underworld, Inferno!

As Chu Mu raised his head, he saw a few arrogant figures flying past under the beautiful corona.

They swept up a huge gust of wind as they flew past. The wind swept from the star river to Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss, all the way to the place Chu Mu, Hades Fox God and Yellow Spring Emperor’s location.

“It’s Limbo Flower Queen and the others,” snorted Hades Fox God.

It could be seen that Hades Fox God was hostile towards those few.

Limbo Flower queen, Underworld Demon Lord and Inferno Ghost Lord had always been in one faction. Due to the death of fourth era’s strongest, Demon race and Ocean Species lacked one Undying rank. They had been in disadvantage and were suppressed over the years.

However, this time, Chu Mu joined their Undying rank faction and both sides were evenly matched again.

The remaining Ancient Flood Dragon Person, Black Nightmare and Elemental God would be considered as the solo faction.

Of course, if the two major factions wanted to do something to any of the remaining three, they would definitely stick together.

This was also the reason Yellow Spring Emperor did not immediately agree when Chu Mu asked it to take on Ancient Flood Dragon Person together.

If Yellow Spring Emperor attacked Ancient Flood Dragon Person, the other two Undying rank in the solo faction would assume that the two major factions were intending to clean them up. By then, it would become Chu Mu vs Ancient Flood Dragon Person, Yellow Spring Emperor would be facing either Black Nightmare or Elemental God. A conflict like this would only benefit Limbo Flower Queen’s faction.

There were hardly any conflicts between Undying rank. After all, they had to reserve their strength for this ten thousand year wheel.

Ancient Flood Dragon Person had always been hiding in black ocean when fighting against Chu Mu because of this reason. If it exhausted too much strength or suffered an irrecoverable injury, it would definitely die in this invitation by Heaven Palace.

Limbo Flower was the offspring of the good side from Evil Good Ancestor. It was in holy blue color and appeared in Flower Beauty form. It looked a little similar to Evil Good Ancestor.

Due to it inheriting the good side, Limbo Flower Queen possessed a ring of corona-like holy halo. It did not seem intimidating and appeared to be gentle.

However, Underworld Demon Lord and Inferno Ghost Lord travelling together with it were the complete opposite!

Underworld Demon Lord was the progenitor of the Abyss Beast race. Its body was robust and exuded a savage aura!

Meanwhile, Inferno Ghost Lord gave off a terrifying aura. It had a creepy face and blood-stained chains entangled on its body. The clanging sound made by the chains as it flew past sounded really horrifying!

Chu Mu had travelled for a very long time, but he had never seen these legendary Undying rank creatures before.

Now, the five Undying Legends had all shown up. Two of them were next to him, while the other three were flying towards Heaven Palace. Their huge frames and tyrannical aura greatly astonished Chu Mu!

“They are already heading towards Heaven Palact, let’s go,” Yellow Spring Emperor stretched its enormous body and flew at the front.

Hades Fox God simply landed on Yellow Spring Emperor’s back and let Yellow Spring Emperor carry it.

Yellow Spring Emperor turned its head helplessly and looked at the lazy Hades Fox God......

The majestic Yellow Spring Emperor became this demon fox’s mount.

Hades Fox God seemed aloof and did not feel that it was a big deal. Who asked this fellow to be so big and blocked its view?

Yellow Spring Emperor could not do anything about Hades Fox God and continued flying.

Chu Mu did not dare to be so intruding and followed right behind them.

Mo Xie had some connection with Hades Fox God. Although Hades Fox God appeared to be cold and solemn, he still felt some intimacy.

Meanwhile, on Yellow Spring Emperor’s side, Chu Mu had signed a soul pact with Little Yellow Spring. Yellow Spring Emperor also treated Chu Mu like a junior, so it would answer the questions Chu Mu asked.


After pushing through that layer of atmosphere, the wheel-shaped continent hovering in the star river gradually appeared.

During the first time he arrived here, this wheel-shaped continent was vertical to the ground. Now, it had become completely horizontal to the earth and covered Crimson Sol which stopped right above it.

Crimson Sol’s light still shone onto Heaven City. Hence, it could be seen that the Solar Eclipse energy Yu Suo stole was just a portion of what Heaven Palace received.

As for the remaining Crimson Sol energy, would they be using it to create more Undying rank or for some other purposes??

Heaven Palace still contained many secrets.

The layer of restriction still protected around Heaven Palace. Crimson Sol energy’s injection caused this restriction to burn red.

In fact, the entire Heaven Palace’s continent was burning red. It felt like a piece of burning astral body.

Heaven Demons detested Crimson Sol’s light. It was probably because this continent’s back side had already been burned red that those Heaven Demons flooded into the earth after losing their habitats.

An opening was made on Heaven Palace’s restriction, leading directly to Heaven City.

Heaven City’s Twelve Sol Formation still shot out twelve burning pillars and bound Crimson Sol to prevent it from shifting. Then, the thirty six smaller nodes absorbed the energy emitted by Crimson Sol into Heaven City’s diagram. Form this angle, Chu Mu could see one Totem Maiden standing on each of the thirty six small nodes.

At the center of the thirty six Totem Maidens, there was a woman kneeling down in the center of the diagram.

The woman was covered in flames and only her silhouette could be seen.

“She should be the new Totem Divine Maiden after Yu Suo and Yu Qie,” muttered Chu Mu.

Totem Divine Maiden’s knowledge came from indoctrinate, while her power came from inheritance. Meanwhile, setting up formations required talent and study.

Yu Suo and Yu Qie both learned the most difficult formation setting. Chu Mu knew from Yu Suo’s memory that Human Mother really appreciated the construction ability of the sisters. She hoped to nurture them into the most outstanding Totem Divine Maidens.

Unfortunately, accidents happened later on.

Yu Suo knew the structure of the Solar Eclipse formation. If her inheritance was not abolished, nobody in this world would ber able to steal any energy from her formation.

Chu Mu was thinking that Human Mother probably already guessed who stole from this formation.


After flying into Heaven Palace, Yellow Spring Emperor chanted an incantation to shrink its body.

If it flew into Heaven City with its original body, it would occupy a really large area. This would hinder its movement.

Similarly, Underworld Demon Lord and Inferno Ghost Lord had shrunk themselves. They were currently walking up the long stairs towards Heaven Palace.

“Are you three Yellow Spring Emperor, Hades Fox God and Half Devil Chu Mu?” A man wearing white armor seemed to have been waiting here for a long time.

Chu Mu recognized this person. He should be Guardian Palace Beast Army’s administrator.

Heaven Palace had the Heaven Dragon Army. The chief in command was Dragon Maiden. They also had Heaven Beast Army, the chief in command would be the person before them —— Wang Jiang.

Judging from aura, Wang Jiang’s strength should be fluctuating around Undying rank, similar to Dragon Maiden.

Dragon Maiden was weaker than Ancient Flood Dragon Person, so Wang Jiang should also be weaker than the era’s strongest present.

Wang Jiang’s question was clearly unnecessary. It was impossible to fake the identity of Undying rank, it could be seen through from a glance.

Chu Mu noticed a detail. When Wang Jiang was mentioning Yellow Spring Emperor and Hades Fox God, he appeared to be respectful. However, when Wang Jiang was mentioning his name, that gaze and tone seemed a little strange.

That was quite reasonable. Chu Mu’s Undying rank power came from the Crimson Sol energy stolen from Heaven Palace. Normally speaking, they should be sending an army to capture and execute Chu Mu. However, they had no choice but to invite him to Heaven Palace as he had become the tenth era’s strongest.

Previously, Chu Mu and Yu Suo snuck into this place and stole God Dew. It was nothing as they could not find the culprit.

This time, they stole the most pure and important Crimson Sol energy from Heaven Palace and even let Chu Mu become Undying rank. Yet Chu Mu showed up arrogantly before them and they had to treat him as a guest. Not many could maintain a calm mind.

When Wang Jiang was reciting ‘Half Devil Chu Mu’, that gaze and tone was saying, “You sinful thief!” Chu Mu did not mind it, they could take it back if they had the ability to. If they wanted to fight, he would accompany them to the end.

Yu Suo had clearly told Chu Mu that even though Heaven Palace appeared to be mighty, enough to order the ten era’s strongest like a boss, the fact was that Heaven Demons had clearly threatened their survival.

Currently, it was the important moment for Heaven Palace to absorb energy. Before obtaining enough energy, they would not carelessly do anything to Undying rank experts.

“Lead the way,” said Hades Fox God plainly.

Wang Jiang shifted his gaze away from Chu Mu and led the three era’s strongest towards Heaven Palace.


“Yellow Spring Emperor, apart from Heaven Palace, there should only be us nine, right?” asked Chu Mu with mental voice after suddenly remembering something.

The reason it was nine was because Chu Tianmang’s breakthrough to Undying rank as fourth era’s strongest seemed to have failed. The energy in Monument Tears had been used by Yu Suo to refine Crimson Sol energy, so the leftover was insufficient to let him reach Undying rank.

“Yes, there are a few more. For example, the strongest Heaven Demon Ancestor and Black Sol’s child trapped in Black Sol. These two beings have lived for countless years and should be stronger than us,” said Yellow Spring Emperor.

“Black Sol’s child??” Chu Mu suddenly remembered the pair of eyes from Black Sol he saw in Evil Temple!

“Why was it trapped??” asked Chu Mu.

“I don’t really know about that, it’s a matter really long ago,” said Yellow Spring Emperor.

A matter even Yellow Spring Emperor said to be really long ago......

Chu Mu had no idea how to trace back on this.

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