Chapter 1548: Alliance Retreat!

Madam Huo’s Fire Sect members took a long time to get rid of all those Flower Demons.

When their view was no longer blocked by the Flower Demons, what the subjugation alliance members saw was a painting from hell.

The ground was charred, corpses littered all over. The charred corpses of humans, the crushed beasts, the torn snake dragons, the bones sticking out from the soil of unknown race and the powder of burnt plant type creatures drifting above various corpses.

In conclusion, regardless of humans or soul pets, there was not a single survivor!

Smoke rumbled across the battlefield, hindering the sight of the people.

Such a scene should have appeared in New Moon Land’s territory. Because they should be the subjugator, they possessed the absolute advantage in fighting force, they were the alliance from the various sects of eight major factions.

However, nobody expected that the side which ended up in such a pitiful state would be them!

The Nightmare army that appeared out of nowhere, the terrifying Flower Demons ambushed under the entire land, in addition to the advancing Easter Wild Forest Stronghold’s New Moon Land army. The entire war was no longer in the subjugation alliance’s control.

Looking up and around, the blazing Devil Fire cloud occupied half of the sky. Rows of Nightmares gathered there, giving off a pressuring and unstoppable aura.

At the front most of this sea of Devil Fire, a silver half devil was hovering in mid-air and looking down at them.

This was a half devil, the famous Half Devil Bai Yu in this continent. Those Gate Master level people saw him in Dual Earth Conference. However, nobody expected his strength to be so terrifying. Nobody could stop him from charging through the armies.

When a half human fully displayed his power, he was actually strong enough to destroy an army of ten thousand all by himself.

A Half Devil Bai Yu already wavered the will of a few armies. The half devil next to Bai Yu was even more terrifying.

Half of his body was black, half was silver. He stood tall before the entire Nightmare army.

A row of Silver Nightmares stood in an arc behind him. Those Nightmares were shaped similar to that Black and White Dual Evil Nightmare. They looked like a bunch of shadows of that Black and White Devil. What was even more shocking was that those Silver Nightmares were all at Immortal rank.

Without a doubt, this half devil split in black and white color was the supreme commander of this entire Nightmare army!

From the rumors of the past, New Moon Land’s King was also a half devil, a silver half devil similar to Bai Yu.

However, the subjugation alliance was looking at a Black and White Dual Evil Half Devil. This was never heard of before. That supreme evil aura filled the atmosphere, as if everything had to submit before his Devil Fire.

Just the aura alone was not enough to prove how powerful this Black and White Dual Evil Half Devil was. When Mu Tuan clan’s army saw him, they would tremble in fear. Because right before the battlefield was split, this Black and White Dual Evil Half Devil started his slaughter from the center of their army.

He was not trying to break out of the encirclement. He was simply charging towards the place with the most number of people. Those died from his two types of Devil Fires were countless. The death toll in that short amount of time was several times more than the number of people Mu Qingyi killed.

Mu Tuan clan was the faction which suffered the most from the split. They haf two thirds of their army split by the Nightmare army and could not be rescued due to the Flower Demon army.

Adding to the members of Mu Tuan clan Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi killed, Mu Tuan clan was more or less annihilated!

Furthermore, due to facing Little Hidden Dragon alone, Mu Tuan’s Flame Armored Beast could not escape in the end. Its soul was devoured by Little Hidden Dragon and became a delicious soul meal.

When Mu Tuan and Madam Huo were making out, his middle class Immortal rank Holy Light Horned Beast was killed by Dark Death King. Now that the other middle class Immortal rank soul pet was also killed, he only had low class Immortal rank soul pets left.

The damage to his soul would make him almost impossible to continue advancing in his cultivation.

The army was almost annihilated, the Clan Master Mu Tuan was also heavily wounded. This Mu Tuan clan would no longer be considered a clan in Mu Family Dynasty in fugure. They might fall to become a normal household.

This was unquestionably a heavy blow to Mu Tuan clan.

“Clan Master...... What should we do?” Mu Guangxue supported the pale-faced Mu Tuan.

Mu Tuan’s expression was extremely dark. This should have been a tiny third rank territory, an insignificant existance compared to his Mu Tuan clan.

However, his clan was almost annihilated in this place. They did not obtain anything and suffered an irrecoverable blow.

Gate Master Han absentmindedly watched the Nightmare army and hysterically roared, “Why? Why can he control the Nightmare army? Those Nightmares never signed soul pact with humans, why are they willing to fight for them!?”

Those were wild Nightmares, not any different from those masterless Nightmares in Sequence Land. Normally, they should be the enemies of humans, they would never listen to the commands of a human.

Madam Huo, Wind Sect’s Sect Master Tian Huan and Zeng Long who barely escaped were all gathered next to Han Yan.

The astonishment in their hearts was simialr to Gate Master Han. They could not believe someone could actually control a Nightmare army which did not sign a soul pact with humans.

At that moment, a calm voice to the point of eerir gradually spoke, “He’s their king.”

Gate Master Han and the others turned around, only to see a young and noble man standinb behind them. His eyes shone in purple, his aura gave off a natural born nobility.

“Mister Yu, what does that mean? All of us listened to your command, but New Moon Land actually has so many experts. There are even Nightmare army and Flower Demon army we don’t even know......” said Madam Huo a little angrily.

The wounded Mu Tuan stood at the side, he was so gloomy as if his entire body turned into ice. He did not want to talk anymore now, he just wanted this Mister Yu to give him an explanation.

New Moon Land had so many ambushes and many powerful beings. If they could obtain such information, they would not be taken by surprise like that.

“Hmph, six Gate Masters can’t even take down a private territory’s king,” Mister Yu took a glance at these losers with a sneer.

Mister Yu’s words caused these Gate Masters to become furious. Madam Huo lashed out, “He obtained power from Monument Tear. I could have squashed him with one hand in the past!”

“He’s not Monument Tear Inheritor, the Monument Tear power he can obtain are just his own insignifcant few,” Mister Yu swept a glance at Madam Huo.

“Then he...... he didn’t use the Monument Tear?” Madam Huo was startled.

The others were also startled.

If he did not use Monument Tear, just how did he become so strong in such a short time?

Furthermore, they did not see him transforming into such a powerful Black and White Half Devil.

“If he never used Monument Tear, how can he grow strong so fast!?” said Zeng Long in disbelief.

“There are many ways to raise one’s strength in this world. You short-sighted people just don’t want to look for it,” said Mister Yu.

“It’s pointless talking about all those, what should we do now? Their morale has been greatly boosted. Even if we still have over half of the armies left, we may lose if we continue fighting,” said Han Yan.

“Retreat first,” said Mister Yu calmly.

“Retreat? How can we do that? This is no different than announcing we lost!” shouted Gate Master Han.

The grand subjugation alliance formed by eight major factions had to shamelessly retreat after attacking a private territory. They would not have the face to return to their own factions. How would their sects have the courage to face the other sects in their factions from now on?

“The battlefield isn’t just this alone. Look at Wupan Navy and Ning Family Dynasty sides. They deployed all their forces to this Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold, so their rear is severely lacking defense,” said Mister Yu.

“This......” Gate Master Han entered a deep thought.

The other Gate Masters also fell silent. Truthfully speaking, they did not have the resources to continue fighting. Ghost Sect, Snake Dragon Faction, Mu Tuan clan suffered crushing blows. The remaining fighting forces were Fire Sect, Wind Sect, Xuan Gate Immortal School, Divine Sect and various small factions. This fighting force could no longer be considered elite.

“Clan Master, let’s retreat,” whispered Mu Guangxue to Clan Master Mu Tuan.

When Mu Tuan heard those words, his rage flared up and slapped Mu Guangxue’s cheek, “I told you to finish off Mu Qingyi, yet you can’t even do such a simple task. She fought such a long time in our army, yet you can’t take her down. You trash!”

Mu Tuan’s short temper was completely exposed at this moment.

The other Gate Masters chose to ignore this scene. Their moods were no better than Mu Tuan, because they more or less suffered some losses in the battle against Chu Mu’s soul pets. Although it was not as severe as Mu Tuan who lost his last middle class Immortal rank soul pet, they also lost a few low class Immortal rank soul pets and suffered damage to their souls.

“Let’s retreat. We will return to the edge of Eastern Wild Forest first and wait for the news on the ocean battlefield. Once they break through those two sides, it won’t be too late for us to attack,” Han Yan gritted his teeth and eventually made such a decision.

The others also did not want to lose their forces anymore and agreed.

“Mister Yu, I have a question,” whispered Madam Huo.


“Why don’t you kill him? With your strength, you could have killed him without anyone knowing!” said Madam Huo.

“First, I cannot make a move easily, some people are watching. Second, do you remember that Dark Death King which humiliated you?”

The moment Dark Death King was mentioned, Madam Huo’s expression turned dark.

“If I’m not wrong, that Dark Death King should be near him. This New Moon Land is more complicated than I expected,” said Mister Yu.

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