Chapter 230: Stories of Old (pt. 6)

“I also died that day. He really was strong, that man called Aventador.”

Julius spoke of his death as if it was only natural.

This was what had happened:

Two years ago, Saturnos sent one of the five Sword Masters of the Ancient Republic, the Crimson Flame Aventador, to get rid of Julius, and it was said that Julius came out as the victor.

But that wasn’t what really happened.

Julius and Aventador were equally matched. Unlike the report that had gone to Saturnos, both of them had died during the fight.

“But using one of these runes, or more precisely the Rune of Resurrection, I revived.”


“And because of that, I also got stronger. Strong enough to defeat you.”

Saying that, Julius stared at Saturnos with an arrogant gaze. It was as if he was telling him that he was no longer his match.

You’re just a ghost of your glorious past; an empty shell.


Look at how this man, who was once the tyrant that ruled over the Pangaea Continent, was now.

His face, which had been half-cut off, showed his bones.

Blood flowed out from his pierced chest.

A chopped off arm.

Currently, Saturnos wasn’t the ‘Demon God’ of the past, but rather a middle-aged man who was about to die.

“Now, look.”

Julius spoke, holding up the Rune of Three lives once more.

“The immortality that you so long desired is in my hands now.”


“How do you feel? This thing, that you weren’t able to get your hands on when you ruled the world, is in my hands.”

At this, Saturnos’ eyes started to shake.

For the first time, he was agitated.

It’s hard to stay calm, isn’t it? I bet that this is the worst humiliation that you’ve ever faced.

Looking at the shaken Saturnos, Julius laughed inwardly.

From what he knew, this was the best kind of revenge.


What use would that be against the already crazy Saturnos?

Even though he had fallen quite low now, Saturnos once possessed the strength and might of a Grand Sword Master.

It would be impossible to expect him to give in. There was a higher chance that he would die while laughing at Julius.

But the method he was using now was definitely effective.

By showing Saturnos what he had desired so much, he was able to make him feel at loss, as well as make him feel greed. 

“You bastard! Q-Quickly! Hand that rune… hand it to me! Y-You can take the throne instead…”

Saturnos spoke, almost as if he was begging.

Looks like he’s fallen faster than I expected. Did I really come so far... to defeat this guy? Did my mother really fall to trash like this?

Julius’ gaze turned from arrogance to disgust. 

“Please… give… the Rune…”

“Sorry, but…”

Julius cut off Saturnos’ words.

“I tried to give this to someone before in order to save one of my friends. But… funnily enough, it’s impossible to give or lend this Rune to anyone else.”


“Basically, it’s impossible for you to live again.”


“Give up.”

It was a death sentence.

There was nothing worse than these words to Saturnos, who longed for an eternal life.

And especially when he couldn’t have something that he wanted for so long that was right in front of him…


Saturnos said, denying Julius’ words.

“Lies… you’re lying right now! In order to keep that Rune to yourself… In order to trick me!”

“I wish.”

“Shut up! I will kill you! I will rip you to shreds and drink your blood!”




This was a phenomenon that occurred when mana that was inside one’s body reacted to one’s anger, and went on a rampage. Basically, Saturnos had turned into a berserker that had no emotions, except for bloodlust.

“Tut tut.”

Looking at Saturnos, Julius shook his head and clicked his tongue.


It wasn’t easy for a human that was once a Grand Sword Master to fall to such depths.


At that moment, Saturnos ran towards Julius.

“How disgusting.”

This was nothing more than child’s play in front of Julius’ eyes, as he had already surpassed the stage of Grand Sword Master.


With those words, 


The sound of a blade cutting through something could be heard,


And Saturnos’ body and head were separated, with blood spewing out from both ends.



Saturnos’ head rolled on the floor.

It was quite a sad and ordinary ending for a man that was once known as the most powerful and fearsome man on the continent.

“Hmph, you should have been crazy and confident until the very end.”

Julius murmured, annoyed.

It seemed a little too easy and simple for something that he had prepared for for a whole lifetime.



Julius sighed.

Anyway, his revenge was over.

And now that there were no other people of the royal family remaining besides him, it was only natural that he would ascend as the Emperor.


At that moment, a woman’s voice pierced Julius’ ears.

“You’ve come.”

Julius didn’t turn around.

It was because he didn’t want to show himself all bloodied up and looking like a demon in front of ‘her’.

“When you were bored, you always talked about your dream of revenge as if it was nothing. But now, you’ve achieved it.”

“Of course.”

“But now, you’ll have to look for a new aim. After all, you’re not going to go crazy like the previous Emperor, now that you’ve taken revenge for your mother…”

“Of course not.”

Julius said, interrupting.

“How funny would it be if I became like the man who killed my mother?”

“At least you know.”

“And now that I’ve become Emperor, I’m planning on focusing on the job for a while. They say that it’s quite a busy job.”

“...You’re saying that as if you’ve just joined a mercenary band.”

“Well, there’s not much of a difference.”


“I’m planning on working quite hard, though.”

“Of course, as you should.”

“But if it doesn’t fit me…”

“No, even if it doesn’t fit you, you have to do it.”

“Even if I don’t like it?”

“You’re not a bachelor anymore, you know?”

“...I am, though.”

“Oh, don’t tell me that a man that’s just gotten a family is going to ditch his job.”


“Please don’t tell me that the man I love is a useless man that is going to starve his only child.”

“What are you even…”

Julius couldn’t understand why ‘she’ was saying this.

“Well, you’re going to become a father soon.”

“I… what?”

“I’m pregnant.”


“I-I… I’m going to be a father?”

He couldn’t believe it.

“They say that it’s a girl.”

It was even harder to believe now.

“What, are you sad that it’s not a boy?”

“As if!”

“Well then, make sure you take responsibility for our child.”

“Of course! Of course I will!”

When he was young, he had lost his mother to his damned father. Even though he wasn’t used to it, it was likely that his protection instincts for his child would be the greatest in all of Pangaea.

“Well then, turn around and look at me.”

“I’m covered in blood. I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care. It’s not like this is the first time you’ve been covered in blood.”

Julius shook his head.

“Still, no.”

“Why not? I want to see your…”

“I’ve heard that it’s not good for childbirth.”


“It’s not like you’re the only one looking at me. I don’t want my daughter to see me all covered in blood.”

“So, you’re saying that my father-in-law’s chopped off head is fine for childbirth, while your bloodied body isn’t?”



Even though she spoke quite forcefully, Julius had to be the one on the receiving end right now.

“Your daughter and your wife want to see your face.”

“W-Wait a little bit.”

Julius quickly cleaned up the blood on his face.

It was going to be his first ‘meeting’ with his daughter, and he wasn’t going to show his face all bloodied up.

“I-Is it okay? Don’t I look bad…?”

Julius said, turning around.


But she denied that, smiling.

“You look cool and manly, just as my husband and our child’s father should be.”


Kang Chul-In couldn’t see her face.

Because that flashback ended with Julius turning around.


The next memory was Julius during the crowning ceremony.


Kang Chul-In was shocked, looking at Julius’ ascension to Emperor.

It was grand.

That was the only word for this.

Julius’ popularity couldn’t be summed up with words only.

There were almost 10 million people near the royal castle, and there were more than 10 thousand subordinates around as well.



From elsewhere, the sound of a baby crying could be heard.

“Your Highness!”

One midwife came to Julius, and spoke.

“Congratulations! You have become a father! Your Highness, why not name the child immediately?” 

The midwife asked.

“Her name…?”

“Yes, your Highness. It’s one of the unspoken rules of the Royal Family to name the child as soon as they are born.”

“I-Is that so? Fine, then. Her name will be…”

After hesitating for a while, Julius spoke.

“Arshelly, let’s go with Arshelly. Go tell the Empress. My daughter’s name is Arshelly Berlinetta Pon Aurangzeb.”

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