Chapter 4340: Revealing His True Face

Chapter 4340: Revealing His True Face

“Audacious! The lot of you are unspeakably brazen!

“The Dragon Vein Source belongs to our Dragon Clan, but you actually colluded with one another to steal all of its power and transfer it into Long Xiaoxiao’s body! What difference are your actions from plundering? You dared to do it so openly in broad daylight, robbing our Dragon Clan of our fortuitous encounter right before our eyes!

“Husband, we cannot forgive such vile actions! We mustn’t tolerate it! Long Xiaoxiao has colluded with these two to take the power of the Dragon Vein Source for her own. We must have her executed for this!” Long Mumu’s mother exclaimed furiously.

“This madam over here, what in the world are you talking about? Are you implying that Long Xiaoxiao isn’t a member of your Dragon Clan?” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist asked.

“She’s a member of our Dragon Clan, but she shouldn’t have taken all the power of the Dragon Vein Source for her own. Such selfish actions make her unqualified to be considered as one of us!” Long Mumu’s mother replied sharply.

“May I ask you who told you that the power of the Dragon Vein Source would be shared equally to everyone in the Dragon Clan? You don’t even know when and how the Dragon Vein Source could be opened, and yet, you dare to mumble all of this nonsense right before me?

“In my view, it looks like you’re just throwing a tantrum because you failed to obtain the power of the Dragon Vein Source for yourself. If there’s anyone who is greedy here, it would not be me or Princess Xiaoxiao, but you, shrew!”

On top of insulting Long Mumu’s mother, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist even spat on the ground. There was no need for any words to explain the disdain he felt toward her.

“You’re calling me a shrew? You, Ox-nose, dare to call me a shrew? I’ll take your life!” 

Long Mumu’s mother flew into a rage and released her oppressive might.

Despite being a madam, she was actually a powerful rank one Martial Exalted-level expert!


But at this instant, a furious shout sounded in the air.

Following that, an incredibly powerful aura enveloped the entire area.

As soon as the aura surfaced, Chu Feng suddenly felt a formidable pressure crushing down on him. It felt like as long as the other party willed it, the world could be shattered at his whim, and all of them would die.

It was from the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief.

The strongest expert of the Dragon Clan had made his move at this moment.

He chose to release his oppressive might only for a brief moment as a warning toward Long Mumu’s mother.

“Husband, I…”

It was visible that Long Mumu’s mother was very fearful of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief. She quickly retracted her oppressive might and lowered her head.

After warning Long Mumu’s mother, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief didn’t say anything to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist. Instead, he turned to Long Xiaoxiao and asked, “Xiaoxiao, is the power of the Dragon Vein Source really within your body?”

“Lord Father, it’s indeed within my body,” Long Xiaoxiao replied.

“Allow me to take a look.”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief grabbed Long Xiaoxiao’s wrist in order to have a look at the energy in her body.

But the more he looked at it, the tighter his frown became.

Slowly, his complexion grew more and more awful. With an awfully forbidding voice, he asked Long Xiaoxiao, “Are you certain that the power of the Dragon Vein Source is within your body?”

“Lord Father, the energy in my body right now is none other than that from the Dragon Vein Source,” Long Xiaoxiao replied.


But who could have thought that the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief would fling his sleeves backward and toss the already feeble Long Xiaoxiao to the floor.

“What are you doing?” 

Chu Feng quickly rushed forward to help Long Xiaoxiao up.

“Lord Clan Chief, this…”

The Supreme Elders of the Dragon Clan also looked at Long Xiaoxiao with a pained look on their faces, almost as if they were the ones who were being flung to the ground.

Of course, the thing that they were truly worried about was actually the Dragon Vein Source.

After all, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had already said that the Dragon Vein Source was now within Long Xiaoxiao’s body, and its existence had become tied to Long Xiaoxiao’s fate.

“Her body doesn’t have the power of the Dragon Vein Source,” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“It isn’t in her body?”

Hearing those words, the Supreme Elders quickly made their way forward to take a look at the state within Long Xiaoxiao’s body through their own methods.

In fact, even Long Mumu’s mother stepped forward to give it a try.

A great joy burst through in the heart of Long Mumu’s mother a moment later.

Just like the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had said, there was no power of the Dragon Vein Source inside Long Xiaoxiao’s body at all.


Without any hesitation, Long Mumu’s mother struck a resounding slap on Long Xiaoxiao’s face.

Her slap not only sent Long Xiaoxiao tumbling to the ground, but it even distorted her exquisite little face. It caused her cheek to bend slightly out of shape, and blood splattered all over the ground.

But even when Long Xiaoxiao was struck to this extent, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief spoke nary a word at all. Even the Supreme Elders turned a blind eye to her plight.

Chu Feng wanted to help Long Xiaoxiao, but he was simply not strong enough. By the time he reacted, Long Xiaoxiao’s body was already struck right back to where he was.

However, every single one of these Supreme Elders here possessed exceptional strength. If they wanted to stop Long Mumu’s mother, they could have very well done so before the latter could even strike Long Xiaoxiao’s face.

A crimson glint of fury flashed across Chu Feng’s eyes as he rushed over to Long Xiaoxiao’s side and diagnosed her injuries. Only then did he turn to Long Mumu’s mother and bellow, “What do you think you are doing?!”

“What am I doing? I’m teaching this traitor a lesson! Despite being a member of our Dragon Clan, she colluded with outsiders in order to deceive our clan members. She deserves to be killed!” Long Mumu’s mother said.

“Xiaoxiao, you have really let your father down this time around.”

Long Duan and the other Supreme Elders also criticized Long Xiaoxiao one after another.

Seeing this situation, Chu Feng seemed to have realized something. He quickly grabbed Long Xiaoxiao’s wrist to diagnose her.

It was then that she realized that Long Xiaoxiao’s body really contained no energy at all.

It was as if her current feeble state was her normal state. Putting aside the powerful energy of the Dragon Vein Source, it felt like she didn’t have a sliver of energy within her at all.


Unable to understand this, Chu Feng turned to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist with a questioning look, hoping to get an answer from him.

But before the Ox-nosed Old Daoist could reply, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had already spoken up. “Grandmaster, you have really let down our trust in you.”


As he spoke, the earth began to rumble, and the surrounding air trembled.

A power so powerful that it suffocated everyone fell upon the world, sealing off the area.

This was the strength of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Lord Clan Chief, what do you mean by this? Are you intending to kill the two of us together with your blood-related daughter?” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist asked.

“Kill? You better give me a reasonable explanation today, or else you’ll soon be begging for me to kill you. I’ll make you wish that you were never born!” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief uttered coldly.

The courteous attitude he had put on earlier had already vanished without a trace.

Right now, he was completely shrouded with killing intent. It was almost as if a demon had possessed his body.

However, both Chu Feng and the Ox-nosed Old Daoist knew that this was the real face of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief.

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