Rise of Audiobooks! DE/ISSTH/CD Audiobooks Inbound!

NEW NOVEL: First and foremost, I'm delighted to announce that our long-time veteran translator littleshanks has finally launched his new novel, Rise!  Rise is a novel about the esports scene in Shanghai, the competitive gaming capital of China. It follows the story of Lin Feng, a boy who has just moved to the city for his last year of high school. He's a passionate gamer and dreams of being the best professional League of Legends player in the world. The twist? He almost achieved his dream, but failed at the last hurdle and faded into obscurity. Now, after a four-year long hiatus, Lin Feng comes back to a completely different esports scene and he's aiming for a comeback. Join him as he navigates through the new world of esports, streaming, and professional gaming!

AUDIOBOOKS INBOUND: Secondly - I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of some of the work that has been done in audiobooks!  Desolate Era is our new audiobook flagship, while we've replaced the Coiling Dragon narrator with someone brand new for Book 2, and ISSTH has been fully edited with covers made - we'll be doing a tandem launch of the ISSTH ebook AND audiobook!  We'll soon have an audiobooks section on Wuxiaworld, but for now, just enjoy the first chapters of each of these audiobooks - which should be coming up for sale in this month of September! There will be more on the way! 

Note - some of you may still be pending responses from two months ago.  Setting this thing up has been a new process, with some unforeseen challenges that have caused it to be a bit slower than we had anticipated, but we are still going through the hiring process, so possibly you'll be hearing from us soon!

Desolate Era Audiobook - Book 1, Chapter 1 - Narrated by Frank P.


Coiling Dragon Audiobook - Book 2, Chapter 1 - Narrated by Jonathan T.


I Shall Seal the Heavens Audiobook - Book 1, Chapter 1 - Narrated by Christopher D.