Four New Novels! CD Amazon Sale + eBook Updates!

Hey guys, was two weeks enough to catch up on the last batch of novel releases?  For those of you who said yes, here are FOUR more coming your way, all from veteran translators - alyschu, etvolare, ensj, and pika!  We also have a $0.99 sale on Coiling Dragon on Amazon for the next three days, which coincides with some new news on the ebook front and the possibility of Coiling Dragon coming back to Wuxiaworld.  Read on!


Necropolis Immortal: Necromancy, no filler, and unexplained mysteries of the world arrive with Necropolis Immortal! This cultivation novel quickly veers away from the usual cliches and into the realm of the spookily unexplored. Lu Yun, commandant of the tomb raiders, arrives in a fantastical world of immortals. It’s a realm filled with shiny new toys—ahem, tombs to be explored. What seems like a treasure-hunting jaunt is soon tinged with intrigue. What else does he have to solve other than how to stay alive in half a year’s time? Oh, and his new body is afflicted with erectile dysfunction. This novel is great for those who like mystery paired with adventure, epic one-liners, and fanciful plot twists all served with a little dash of horror. PS. translator etvolare managed to finangle a cameo out of the author!

Immortal Devil Transformation: This is the story of a carefree young man who suddenly finds himself transmigrated into a harsh militaristic world of cultivation. However, with the mentality of a tourist, equipped with a mysterious ability, a heartwarming and thrilling adventure unfolds... Unlike most wuxia and eastern fantasy stories, the pacing of Immortal Devil Transformation is more relaxed, the characters all uniquely fleshed out. The plot is not repetitively driven by repeated cookie cutter cliches, but rather thrives through the relationships the main character builds and his completely unique mindset while exploring this unique world. Some readers from china have originally compared it a bit to Ze Tian Ji, or way of choices, so if you enjoy this style of writing, this may just be your cup of tea! Come join pika on this lighthearted and humorous, yet also action packed and touching school life adventure!

Life, Once Again: This Korean novel is a story about dreams. It's about a person who, after getting to know all about what society and life is like, tries to rediscover what he wants to do. The story follows Maru Han, a middle-aged bus driver in South Korea. After a freak accident, he is given the chance to have another go at life. He accepts, and gets sent back to his high school days. That's when he realizes: he doesn't know what to do with his life. He can do anything he wants to do in the future, but all he knows for now is that he just wants to meet his wife again. Being a slice of life novel, this story is quite relaxed in pace. In the end, it's about an old man who's trying to find something he wants to do, rather than flashy magic. If you're into more relaxed novels like this, translator ensj recommends you give it a try.

VRMMO - The Unrivaled: Follow former gaming prodigy Lu Chen as he ekes his way back to the top! Having suffered an onset of unfortunate events thanks to a car accident that turned his dreams into dust, his disability left him to become a literal armchair strategist with a huge hole in his ego. Time literally froze for Lu Chen from that point on. Hunted down by his former nemesis, more and more people left the guild he had joined in "Spirit of Grief", forced to delete their accounts. Ultimately, helpless and defeated, he too deleted his account and awaited a fresh start in an upcoming game—"Heavenblessed". While the main premise is his climb to the apex inside the game, the world outside it is also fleshed out. There is good humor, stereotypically useless but rich second-generation young masters, villains with some actual brains, and to top it all off, romantic developments for our main character as he sets out on a journey to explore the immense world of Heavenblessed.


Aside from the aforementioned sale on Amazon, after a lot of wrangling I believe we may have hit upon a way of bringing Coiling Dragon, the novel that launched it all, back to Wuxiaworld for periods of time at least.  We'll have some more details later on once we finish some of the details, but my fingers are crossed.  Meanwhile, Godsfall Chronicles will be making its way to Amazon in beautiful ebook form as well, and possibly hardback as well if things work out!  I leave you with a small collage of just a few of the many book covers we've been working on over the past half-year, with more to come.  Hope all of you will be as excited as I am!