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Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

DTPB Status Update

Hi all!

I know some of you have been restlessly waiting for me to update. So far I am making slow but steady progress on my essay writing. After about two weeks of work I have a document that is about 16,000 words long, with 8/17 of the hardest secondaries to write submitted. I anticipate returning to regular (or even more???) releases starting on August 10th. Looking forward to powering through and finishing strong!


Beastmaster of the Ages

The Adventures Of The Little Chick Continues! (and Li Tianming, but tbh, no one cares about him)

Howdy guys, it's been a while for the VIP readers (two weeks) but BOTA is now publicly released! And welcome to the new guys (and girls) to the novel! For all those who've been waiting for the continued adventures of the little chick, BOTA is releasing four chapters right now! We'll be proceeding with two chapters a day from now on. Also, it's the continued adventures of Li Tianming, but honestly, who cares. We're not here for him anyways.

Fortunately, I have written enough for my post to not look so barebones,...

Game of Divine Thrones

Game of Divine Thrones is back!

The hiatus lasted much longer than expected due to various complications, but we're extremely pleased to announce that GDT has finally returned!! 

Please welcome new translator KuroHaruto, who'll be continuing on with a chapter per day. He's been working extremely hard to get the project moving again while also paying careful attention to Goprince's translation (he's even compiled an 18 page glossary for every term!)

And to kick things off tonight we're be starting with 10 chapters, available right now. Enjoy...

Lord of All Realms

1500 Chapter Giveaway +Increased Release Rate

Hey everyone,

LOAR has come to 1500 chapters, so giveaway time! 🍺

This time, I'm giving away Jue Cups, which are a type of ancient Chinese vessel used to serve wine. There are pictures below(I find them fascinating. Do you know which end are we supposed to drink out of them?)   

To participate in this event, all you need to do is email me at, and say whatever you want about this novel or my translation. (Please put Entry and your ww username in the title) 

A winner will be born...


New Tier Added


New tier added.

Flower of the Other Shore    USD 100  40 advance chapters.

Follow the link

VRMMO: Passing of the Sword

VRMMO: Passing of the Sword Has Launched!

Hi guys, I’m incredibly excited to announce the official release of VRMMO: Passing of the Sword. After finishing up Douluo Dalu 2: The Unrivaled Tang Sect, my team and I decided to pick up a novel set in a virtual-reality setting, and we’ve found this one to be very enjoyable to both translate and read. Passing of the Sword is about our main character, Chen Feng, who sneaks onto a spaceship for 5 years during humanity’s migration away from earth. In his time there, he decides to enter a virtual reality game...

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